Green Event is a solutions company focused on bespoke consultations around the environmental impact of events. Our mission is to provide products and services to reduce the environmental footprint of events (festivals, conferences, etc) using a circular economy zero waste approach.

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Green Event provides analysis of the climate and environmental footprint of your event. The analysis is objective and rigorous. Results are presented in a clear format with actionable recommendations for improvement. Your event can be compared to peer events of similar scope. We can track your event over time (for example to provide comparison and progress on previous years’ ad

A zero economy waste approach?

The goal of a zero economy waste approach is to align your organisations activities with environmental and climate sustainability goals to produce no waste and no net CO2 emissions

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Analysis of Jazz festival, Galway, Ireland September 2019

We calculate an environmental footprint of your event so that that it can work to reduce its environmental impact over time.